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27 Aug

Clean Agriculture

Clean agriculture has the potential of growth and prospects, according to the Vietnam Report, which is receiving much encouragement from the Government. In 2017, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc assigned the State Bank to consider directing and encouraging commercial banks to study credit packages of about VND100 trillion by mobilizing capital from commercial banks. loans for enterprises, high-tech agricultural production projects, clean agricultural products under preferential conditions compared to ordinary loans.


Although capital is supported, how to profit when investing in these fields is extremely difficult due to the mechanism, procedures or backward technology.

Representatives of the Department of Foreign Investment (MPI) said that Vietnam’s agriculture has great potentials but still only small and fragmented by attracting FDI into agriculture only in small projects, focusing on processing aquatic products and fruits in some localities.

According to experts, it is difficult to attract foreign capital into Vietnam when there are only changes from taxes, land and capital policies. Today, foreign-owned enterprises are developing commodity agriculture and organic farming commodities to help them sell domestically or export.

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